Video Marketing is the type of marketing communication which is now very popular, by using the online channel to disseminate all over the world. The success of Video Marketing is depended on the creativity of storytelling which presents key message or key information of the brand, to make audiences feel good toward the brand which lead them to remember brand message.

Video Marketing is the media of marketing communication which presents various interesting contents. The successful opportunity from viewing video clip is continually increasing from every channel by technique, creative means which are desirable, until they are expected to be forwarded and finally become viral. In the age of online media, the marketers choose to present specific campaign specifying target group through video clip which is differed from traditional generation which TV advertising has been adjusted to apply with online channel. It is verified that creating online specific campaign could create investment worthiness which is better than using traditional mass media that spent a million baht of advertising budget per time. The presentation pattern can be diversely adjusted as the content development.

Engage Your Audience with Great VIDEO Content.

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Video Marketing through online channel is defined to access the target group more accurately by the exclusive properties of online marketing that equipped with personal storage system and attention in tracking all users’ behavior. Therefore, the marketers will be able to define advertising value to specifically reach the target group such as defining advertising to display

to designated Facebook’s users which their gender, age range and location of each user are defined, or leave the advertising to track the attention of target group by the remarketing strategy from the network of Google Adwords and popular video channel, YouTube.


Video Presentation is a presentation in video format that covey the key contents. It could be created and added with various techniques for work production to tell the main objectives thoroughly, continually, smoothly, for the aim of creating recognition in key contents

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The main principle of video presentation creation is collecting the key objective information as the requirement to communicate with the target group is term of introduction to new products, telling history and success of the organization, providing information of simple product instruction, presenting important activities of the organization in various occasions, etc.

The production team would employ that information to align the strategy and create the communication method to present with creative idea procedurally by alignment of storyboard for the obvious vision.

From our preceding experience, it could be said that video presentation contributes to the enhancement of good image and creation of presentation which is different from your competitors.

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