SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the strategies of online marketing which will make the website or social media appear on the first search results page of Search Engine. And google is the most popular among the people all over the world to searh for information.

The marketing strategy of SEO is the method to increase the opportunity to reach the product and any service which has the space on the online world, in order to satisfy the behavior of nowadays consumer who search the thing before visit the website which has the content matching with the interest. From the statistics which Google collected continuously, it is clearly obvious that the most frequent area which the visitors enter the website by searching, is the area of first page.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method to improve the standard value of the website to be in accordance with the Algorithm Rule of Google which is determined as same worldwide standard. Google will collect the value-points of various website, by letting the instrument (Bot) to climb on the various url online worldwide, before catching the result from the content which Google gives most importance, in order to retrieve the website that has quality value-points suitable to the Rule to display on Organic area.

However, any website will appear on the first page, when someone searches for the keyword, is not easy. If we observe the result of searching 1 searching-word which we use to search the information in Google, it can retrieve various websites to display in million, this makes the display to be divided into more than ten pages. Therefore, to fight for the area of first page of the popular Search Engine, is the same as to fight for the interest of people who want to buy directly. It can be compared as to obtain the golden business location on the online world.

The adaptation of the website structure to be suitable for the called result, as per the searching word to display on the area of first page, it requires the follow-up and study of ...

the essential Rules of Google which updates itself regularly, in order to select and screen only the website that has the quality according to the determined standards to go up and display on the first page.Therefore, LOYALTY GROUP has a specific team to study the various strategies, in order to adapt both data, i.e. data of the key content on webpage (On Page) and technical key data(Off Page), for such website, so as it will be in accordance with standard rule of Google.This requires to work regularly and continuously every day and moreover, it requires specific knowledge to make the key content according to the determined key word,to be read the value by the Bot of Google, until resulting to the data linking from website network and social media, have the quality, in order to send the suitable value-points back to the main website which LOYALTY GROUP accepts to make the SEO, until the ranking of such website is finally called to display on the first page of During the period of working, the working team will check and follow-up the results every day, regularly and send the report to the employer every month to notify the progress of the creation.

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Another core importance of the creation of SEO is the selection of Keyword to match with the interest of the majority of the target group who are expected to search for product or any service from Search Engine. From the study of the behavior of the Search Engine users, it is found out that even the searching according to the same interesting target, still have the different keywords which are used to search most of the times. Therefore, the marketing experiences to be used for the analysis and selection of the Keywords which the majority of the target group interested, is another important part that helps to achieve the success in the creation of SEO by LOYALTY GROUP

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